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While the aurora is very rarely seen as far south as South Carolina, you can join the dance of these mystical lights over the cold winter skies of Iceland from the comfort of the State Museum this holiday season. Showtimes listed are valid through the current month. Note: Capacities are limited and shows can sell out.

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An aurora (pl. aurorae or auroras), also commonly known as the northern lights (aurora borealis) or southern lights (aurora australis), is a natural light display in Earth's sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic). Auroras display dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as curtains, rays.

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Aurora Aksnes ( Norwegian pronunciation: [æʉ̯ˈɾùːɾɑ ˈɑ̂ksˌneːs]) (born 15 June 1996), [2] [3] known mononymously as Aurora (stylised in all caps), [4] is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and record producer. Born in Stavanger and raised in the towns of Høle and Os, she began writing her first songs and learning dance at the age of six.

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There, the particles interact with gases in our atmosphere resulting in beautiful displays of light in the sky. Oxygen gives off green and red light. Nitrogen glows blue and purple. These green bands of light in the winter sky above Alaska are an aurora borealis. This is the name for an aurora in the Northern Hemisphere. Credit: Sarah Histand.

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The making of an aurora is an intricate dance of particles and magnetism between the Sun and Earth. The Sun continuously produces a solar wind, made of charged particles ( plasma) carrying the Sun's magnetic field. As the solar wind nears Earth, it causes the magnetic field of the Earth to be drawn into a giant teardrop shape, squashed on the.

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The aurora is a luminous glow seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. The light is caused by collisions between electrically charged particles streaming out from the sun in the solar wind that enter Earth's atmosphere and collide with molecules and atoms of gas, primarily oxygen and nitrogen..

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This is a prediction of the intensity and location of the aurora borealis tonight and tomorrow night over North America. It also shows a 'viewline' that represents the southern-most locations from which you may see the aurora on the northern horizon.This product is based on the OVATION model and uses the maximum forecast geomagnetic activity (Kp) between 6pm and 6am US Central Time.